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Hi everybody.. Empty Hi everybody..

Post  skoms on Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:49 pm

So this is me. The 26 yo Unknown guy from norway called skoms.

I've been a fan of forza since number 1 and i'm happy to say that forza 4 is far best in the series. I also play alot FPS, but since the demo came out i haven't had any time for that..lol

My Skills:

I'm a ok driver. Usually top 1 %. A few times in top 100 on forza 3. I'm Currently number 9 of 60K+ at hockenheimring short, but i believe the super bee should have that honor. What a car. I Currently use a controller, but have plans for fanatec. I drive with "simulation" steering, manuel w/clutch and NO assists.

I have only basic skills in tuning. I try to tune my cars by my self, but its not always successful.

I'm a very poor painter.

I'm a decent photografer. I like taking pictures and have a couple of pictures who could be in any magazines. Don't believe me??? Well, to bad, cuz i can't post the link to the gallery till next week.

If anyone need a photografer i'm the man.

If you have a question or a comment, please feel free to shout out. I do not bite, not so hard anyway.

See ya on tha track.




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