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Post  Voodoo 962 on Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:53 am

Your friendly local initiator of the Forza 4 Clean Racers List, and International Clean Racers Club - ICRC!

As you'd expect, I always race clean, and I'm always the first to accept responsibility if I've caused an accident that could have been avoided. In FM3 I ranked 260th (last time I checked) on the Time Trials leaderboard, so I guess my driving is reasonable. I favour circuit racing the most, but I do also like a bit of drifting. I'm not brilliant at it, but I'm learning.

I'm not a massive fan of drag or oval racing, as a good-handling car is what appeals to me the most. Oh and I'm not a massive fan of the Veyron or the SSC Ultimate Aero Wink

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