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Bullitthead checkin in. Empty Bullitthead checkin in.

Post  Bullitthead on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:22 pm

Hey all, just dropped out of the ICRC club and have submitted the request to join NACR. I live near St. Louis MO, looking forward to meetin you all and having some good clean fun racing. My favorite class in forza 3 was A but so far I really have raced anything online above C. Looking forward to getting back into tuning again also. I was thinking for our garage cars we should maybe mark what they are tuned for on the doors, so we can see it from the main selection menu without having to select the car to look for it somewhere else like the license plate area. Just put like a GT for grip tune, or a ST for speed tune on the doors, drag and drift could have their own designations also maybe DG and DT. Just a thought, see ya all in game!


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Bullitthead checkin in. Empty Organization

Post  TeamGreenZX10 on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:34 pm

we... Or I, I mean lol (i remember reading on a forum about the idea of color organization) were thinking Color Coordination ... but a small 2 letters on the bumper or something discrete haha ... BTW - I am not a leader or co-leader of NACR just an active participant i dont wanna step on anyones toes or over step my boundaries ... Smile

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